Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Wind Blown

 If you can't tell, it was really windy this day. I VERY carefully set my tripod up in a sheltered area and crossed my fingers that my LOVELY camera would not hit the ground. I would CRY!

I put the hat on the cover my wind hair... you believed that didn't you? I don't have enough hair to need a hat for wind proofing! Water proofing maybe.

How do you dress when you don't know yourself. I am enjoying being pregnant but I wish I could wear my jeans and be comfortable. ( I still fit in my jeans or at least I can make them work. I am not large enough for maternity pants and due to my lack of ass, I am not sure I will be. I don't want to spend a ton of money on clothes that I don't like and won't be comfortable in. Especially not when I could make do with what I own if there weren't limitations on my wardrobe.) I am not me in dress pants as it is but right now I HATE the feeling that I am not myself.

Part of my problem is that I am not comfortable with my life right now. And when I say life, I mean my job environment. I spend my day waiting to be sniped at and wondering which direction it will come from next. I thought this was going to be my dream job, but I have to say that nothing about this job is what I thought it would be. I am not doing what I was hired to do. I am not treated the way I thought I would be... or SHOULD be. I feel so lost right now in so many ways.

You know what I want to do... take a vacation (since I can't quit).. I want to go somewhere. If I can't do that, I want to hang out at home and organize and be creative.
Navy Shirt - Kohl's
Khaki Pants - Gap Maternity 
(I was told that I have a diaper butt because there is too much pants and no butt to fill them and they would NOT say up.)
Tank Top - ?
Shoes - Zigi Soho's
Brown Hat - Target


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Sorry to hear of your job situation.

alya said...

I hate my job too, and was just thinking today how I feel as if I'm constantly on the defense, which is what you're describing. It's terribly stressful. I badly would like to take a vacation as well...wouldn't it be lovely? Ah, we can dream.

Kayla said...

Maybe try and take a babymoon?