Sunday, January 2, 2011

J. Crew - Who Knew?

Ok.. I should have known. The name you see plastered on the site is Jenna. Maybe it isn't me, but it should be, but a Jenna will know fashion right?

I would love to go to J. Crew and see if their sizing works for me. Being a large sized large breasted but not a plus sized girl is difficult. I don't fit in Lane Bryant sized clothes. They are too big but I am borderline too big for a lot of normal sized stores. Why is that? Where is the in between? Also.. will someone please tell me where the size 10.5 went in the shoe stores? Did it get eaten? Or stolen? What the h*ll happened to it? End rant... back to sizing issues. I LOVE the clothes at Express, the Limited, and the like. I do NOT fit in their largest sizes.. or at least not often. Sometimes when the cut is meant to be baggy it works for me but not often.

Does anyone wear J. Crew? Do you know how it fits? If it weren't a danger to my empty bank account, (Why is it that I can't go into a store without purchasing something?)  I would stop into the nearest store and try things on. I walked past it in the mall I was in yesterday. Any store with sequins steals my heart right now!

I would be interested in trying...

Vintage cotton V-neck tee
Vintage Cotton Vneck Tee
Tissue V-neck classic tee 

Perfect-fit tank with built-in bra

Haya zip cardigan

And none of those choices have sequins!!! I am shocked as well! I am on a basics kick. Or basics with a flare and we can all admit that as much as we love sequins, they are a bear in the care department. I like to be able to wear things and if I have to hand wash or dry clean them it isn't going to happen right away or often so that in itself will limit my wearing. That is why I try to carefully select my sequins.

The word tissue tends to scare me in a tshirt. Especially postbaby. To me tissue clings to all the rolls that I don't want exposed. This is NOT a bakery people. You don't want to see that and I don't want to show it to you. Do you wear tissue tees? Do you shop at J. Crew?


Courtney said...

I, like you, am between normal sizes and plus size. I have found the BEST basic tees are from Ann Taylor LOFT, and during sales I have purchased them for as low as $3.88! I absolutely love these tees. Well made and not at all clingy (I'm super conscious about my rolls). I buy the majority of my cardigans from places like Old Navy and Gap.

My wardrobe is made of basics, please post your finds!

Darlene C. said...

I think the one item I have from J.Crew IS a tissue tee, and I love it. It's soft but not clingy. I have to wear a cami bra w/ mine b/c it's a very low V-neck.

Otherwise, as a 34H, I haven't had much luck w/ J.Crew. My impression is that J.Crew clothes are cut for women w/ more of a stick shape. I'd love to hear if you find something you love from their store. I can certainly relate to your in-between size dilemma.