Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Oprah.. Thank You?

I must admit that I see a lot more TV since being a stay at home mom. I say see, because I don't really "watch" all of it but I do see it.

See more about these "must haves" here from the Oprah Show.

Oprah had some fashion items that I saw that made sense.

The Chickies.

These would be great for those times when you need a little extra cleavage coverage without the bulk of layers. Hmmm...... my brain is rolling here people... 

The Fluxus Scarf

Looked gorgeous but I want to try this instead!
Or the lounge tee & the wrap top!

"The Shirt"

Another cleavage coverage issue problem solver? I need to get my hands on one of these!

The Bootights

They also showed an Eddie Bauer jacket.. and while I like Eddie Bauer, I was not excited about the jacket. Sorry. Just my opinion.

They showed the Sorel "Cate the Great" boots.

I think I would try them but I would LOVE to try these more.

Sorel Suka II
or THESE the MOST!

Sorel Mackenzie Lace Tall

Can you tell I have a pair of two sizes too large men's icemens boots in a lovely olive green grossness?


Darlene C. said...

Okay, Jenna. I just checked out The Shirt sizing chart and was reminded why I haven't ordered it yet. I should wear an XL in the waist, but even the XXL is too small in the bust for me--I'm 45" there.

So PLEASE tell me if you order one and what you think about it. Perhaps even guest post your review on my blog?

FENNOfashion said...

I like the Cate the Great boots a lot, enough to check them out on their website but I like the ones below with the fun print better. (And noticed they are $50 less)
Love the blog :)