Monday, January 3, 2011

These Boot (covers) are made for... Looks - DIY

   Do you like these boots? Want to make something similar?

I started with two different boots (one from each pair worn at the same time no less. I am CRAZY!), a pair of fake leather pants, some elastic, some thread, and my sewing machine.

The boots I started with:
Short Black Booties
Tall black boots with a wear mark
What I ended up with:

Tucked in to create another option.

I put the pants on, measured the height I wanted the faux boots to be, added an extra 1"-2" for a seam allowance, and cut.

I folded the pants down and then over again to create a pocket for the elastic to go through, and sewed it in place (leave a 1" opening to run the elastic through).

I measured the elastic around where I wanted it to be on my leg and made it a little bit smaller (to hold in place).

I ran the elastic through the pocket created for it, and sewed the ends of the elastic together. I then sewed the last opening for the elastic shut.

What I would rather have:

I love the look of foldover boots.. what can I say!