Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Shoes

Two days ago I bought new shoes. Why you ask? I had to bring my favorite Naturalizers in to get new tips on them. I had already walked them off. I wear my Naturalizers almost daily when I am working as they are not only comfortable but they also, look nice and STAY ON! I can walk in them and my feet don't get sore. I have other comfortable shoes but none that I can match to my suits! I have so many shoes just chillin in my closet not getting any foot time because they are not professional enough.

SO I bought new shoes! They are pretty cool so far. I love that they are a COMFORTABLE 3 inch heel, that they are black and go with everything (although I really want the bronze too), they are a semi peep toe, and the bottoms are super rubber non slippy. YAY!

I let the guilt go. And I wore them to work today. They are pretty great.

My new shoes!

Guilt over purchases.... money doesn't buy the happiness I am searching for.

I love my husband and dog, my new house, and my truck.... I need to be happy with my wardrobe, gadgets, and my lot in life. This is what it is......


just my style said...

Seriously cute shoes...Comfy and cute is priceless! I love the mini peep toe, and I agree with you the bronze ones would be a great addition to the other half of your wardrobe!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

they seem like good shoes, I would go for the bronze ones too :-)

brooke said...

nice of you to stop by lady!!! and i already feel the kinship as i am postive that those my dear are dojos that you are sporting in your header photo and that pleases this dojo obsessed gal!

comfy shoes at work is a must...i work in a two story stairs only office and thin stiletto heels is a disaster waiting to happen!!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...
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Diana said...

Beautiful shoes! Never feel guilt over a shoe purchase that you love - having comfortable, stylish shoes is good for your whole body and mind, not just your feet.