Friday, July 10, 2009

What I Wore - Brown and Khaki

Brown and khaki. What fun... blah. Other than that, I don't mind this outfit. I am not sure what is up with my hair though.

These pants are one of about 7 that I miss getting to wear. I don't get to wear them for work as they are not dressy enough to be suited but they aren't my weekend denim either. I know that I could wear something other than denim on the weekend, and sometimes I do but I don't get to wear my jeans either so that is my priority. I spent more on the jeans and I WUV them more.

Button down shirt - Kohl's
Khakis- Target
Necklace with wing- Target
Copper heart necklace - Me
Tank Top - Old Navy
Bracelets - I WON THEM!


Anonymous said...

Khaki is sooo 2000 and LATE!
Photograph yourself in something that minutely resembles fashion and I might consider reading your rather pathetic attempt at fashion blogging!

Anonymous said...

oh and nice bracelets,
did you steal them off A SMALL CHILD?!

Fell4fashion said...

Wow anonymous, how horribly cruel and harsh! Don't even think twice about those comments honey, you keep being you!!! I think khaki's are a great alternative to jeans :) Great necklaces too!!