Friday, July 24, 2009

What I Wore - Khaki and Purple

Why can't people tell you that your pleat is off by quite a bit in the back? Why? Is it like having something in your teeth?

I love the color combo of this outfit. The purple played off the khaki/gold very well. I loved the richness of it.

This is a fun combination to play with for me. My high school's colors were purple and gold. Now it is a challenge to make purple not seem like a high school reminder. I think this is a professional version of the color combo. Do you agree?

I was NEVER a gold girl, but lately I have been finding myself more drawn to it. I am still a silver girl at heart. Hence my wedding ring and engagement ring, but I have found a new love for gold in this necklace. I think it is because the gold goes well with my hair and skin tone this summer.

How about you? Silver or Gold?

Purple shirt- Kohl's (remixed)
Camel skirt- thrifted
Gold Slip - thrifted
Silver gray belt- Off another shirt
Gold shoes- Payless
Khaki Jacket- Herberger's
Gold Necklace - Herbergers


Melanie said...

By "someone" not telling you about the pleat...would that be your photog? Cuz he's a GUY...and a straight one at that...he doesn't CARE. ;)

Tina said...

I LOVE your look today. The color combination is perfection, and your skirt is fabulous, even if the pleat is crooked. I am so covetous of that skirt. Want want want.

eednic said...

hi i'm new to your blog! i love the purple/khaki combo! it's very elegant!

Christina Lee said...

I LOVE that top and that you added that belt- I am going to try it!

Wanderlusting said...

Gold if I feel sensual..silver if I feel bad-ass :P

Savvy Mode SG said...

purple is beautiful with khaki.

Newbie fashionista at best, LOL said...

What does the (remixed) after Kohl's mean?