Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I Wore - Girl in a Red Dress

I am in LOVE with this dress. I love the fabric, I love the color, I love the feel, I even LOVE the cut. Oh yeah. I LOVE the price. I think I paid about... 20 cents give or take. I stuffed it in my $2/bag thrift store purchase. When I found the dress, I didn't think much of it but I am glad that I tossed it in the bag. I was more excited about the leather jacket for my husband and the awesome motorcycle boots that I got. Since my husband doesn't like the jacket even though he looks awesome in it and it is too warm for the boots (and I need to get inserts for them) I am going to spend my time thinking about and wearing this dress!

I thought this silhouette would not work on me. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY NEW THINGS!

Of course, because I love this dress my pen bubbled ink out of it onto the skirt of the dress! Never fear. I was able to blot the majority of the ink out. Can you find the ink spot?

I asked my mom if she can copy this dress for me. Wish me luck!

Red Dress - thrifted
White Dress (layered over) - American Basics
Khaki Blazer - Relativity via Herbergers on sale.
Shoes - Black Naturalizers
Earrings- Liz Clairborne via Herbergers for $5! Yay for sales and there is more where that came from. I think I picked up 4 or 5 items for the $5 each on sale.


Jane said...

It is a great dress. Great colour and lovely fit on you.

Kyla said...

Love the dress! It looks great, especially with the jacket and heels! And I can't see the ink spot :)

Cristina said...

That dress looks very nice on you!! And I love your hair. We never see side view, is that a new cut?

Allison said...

Gorgeous dress! The color and cut look fabulous.

Jess said...

This dress is adorable!!!!!!!!!!You look hot in it!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

THat is a great thrifty find!