Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Wore - Tank and Jeans

Not sure what the scary face is for...

I must say that I LOVE this tank top. I have it in both gray and coral. It is great for layering and super comfy. If you are looking for something similar I got it at New York and Co.

This is my SOLE pair of light colored denim jeans. I swear I have 30 some pairs of jeans (about) and I have only ONE pair of light denim ones.

I think this outfit would have benefited from....
a scarf and a belt
cute shoes
a cardigan

Do you have light colored jeans? What do you pair them with the most? Help me with some inspiration please. If some one can wow me, I will try to mimic their outfit with mine. Boy that sounds like a challenge, if only I had something to give away. Hmmm....

Coral Tank - New York and Co.
Light Jeans - American Eagle

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