Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Wore - Super Casual Salute

Promise not to kick me out of the fashion blogosphere for this one?

This is my tribute to my cuz! He gave me the shirt off his back (literally) when I first met him. Long story on meeting him... I was about 18 or so at the time??? We took to each other immediately it was like we had known each other forever and not for a weekend.

This shirt is a constant reminder of him whenever I decide to wear it. Mainly I wear it to sleep in or hang out in on the weekend.

I think I was getting some things done around the house when I took the picture. I am not sure why or what the "pose" is about. Just thought I would share.

Most of my tshirts that I have kept for meaning are part way to being a memories tshirt blanket and I made one into a messenger bag. Do you have any clothes for sentimental reason?What do you do with your "memories"?

Cowtown shirt - Bradley
Shorts- Reebok via Marshall's

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