Friday, December 11, 2009

Boot Lust Review & New Lust

These are my expensive boots that I was lusting about in my previous boot lust post.

My awesome husband allowed me to order both pairs so I could choose my favorite as my Christmas present. I was super excited to order the boots and couldn't wait for them to arrive. was awesome as they were having a sale and they have the awesome free shipping and free returns.

Sadly, I needed the shipping both ways.

I had been lusting after the grayish boots (in black... not in my size) for quite a while. At more than $400 I was not going to purchase them. The brown boots were listed at more than $200 or $300 which is out of my price range as well. My sister found out that was having a sale and helped me talk my husband into a GREAT Christmas present.

I had a HARD time pressing the order button on a basket this expensive, but I was still super excited for them to appear at my door!

After trying both of the boots on, I decided that although I like the gray boots, I didn't like them $250 + love. They would have been my boots to keep for $80-$120 but that was it. I mean they were real leather which was awesome but I didn't feel that I loved them enough to worry about them constantly and wear daily. They were a bit tight around the calf for me. They were ok without jeans but even with leggings they were a bit tight. Still loved them, just not like a mother should love her child that she will feel the need to constantly watch over and never let them out of her sight.

(The brown pair was just too small.)

As sad as it was, I sent them down the road. Thanks Endless for your awesome service. Now can you send me these boots in a size 10 or 11?

Click on the image to find them at

After having a bad day today, I am having a very hard time not shopping. Shopping makes me feel better.


I do not need to shop to feel better.

I have a great husband, and an awesome dog. We have a nice house and I get to drive a nice truck.

It's not helping that I feel a very strong... almost overpowering urge to have a pair of knee high boots.. thigh highs would be fun.... BOOTSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warm feet and great outfits. Ahhhhh the dreams.....


FENNOfashion said...

I am loving the last picture of the boots from All those buckles are awesome as well as unique! Ah, I love boots too!

alya said...

The desire to buy boots consumes the mind of every woman this time of year. You're doing the right thing: talk yourself down! :)