Monday, December 21, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Black Sheen

I love a little sparkle and shine in my life. I am learning that my winter wardrobe is blah. There are a lot of dark colors and not enough long sleeves. I can't win. Last year I was looking for more blazers for suits. This year I would love to have more sweaters for warmth and yet being casual comfort.

My new difficulties in dress include:
Dressing in nice clothes for marketing but junky clothes for sales work in the back rooms... DUSTY DUSTY backrooms
Dressing in nice clothes and climbing in and out of cars and around them to take pictures
Dressing for indoors and out in hot and cold weather
A cold, cold office

Boy, did I have it easy two years ago. I could wear jeans every day. I could wear nicer clothes when I wanted... most of the time. My office wasn't horribly warm or cold.

Jeans daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Sweatshirt - Nike (gifted)
Black Shirt - via Herbergers
Black Pants -Gap
Boots - BCBGirl
Earrings - Stella and Dot (giveaway)


Kyla said...

Love your earrings ;)

Kendra said...

Cute outfit, though I think you could have stepped it up a notch with a simple cotton blazer. Something that you can get a little dirty and just wash it.

Have a great holiday!!