Thursday, December 3, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Black and White and Silver

Jeez it looks like I am brushing my teeth?!

I love how a little sparkle dresses up an outfit. This is basically a sweatshirt and black jeans. But I think it looks dressy... dressier?

I don't care I can be deluding myself. I am comfortable and dressy enough for wear I work. My boss tells me I look nice every other day or so.

Who can beat being a little rock and roll and dress enough for work. This is why I think jeans should be appropriate for work. I mean within reason, everything can be dressed up for work. Right? It's too bad that some people wreck it for the rest of us. Those people who abuse the jeans rule and those who are old school and think that jeans aren't nice enough.

I just have to make time to work in the back room and I can wear jeans pretty much whenever I want.


Ruffly booties... part of my rock and roll outfit??? Haha I think that the gray color and the suede makes them fit the bill. Am I delusional again?

Booties- Steve Madden via DSW
Black Cords- Union Bay via Kohl's
Black Sparkly Tee - via Target
White VNeck Sweatshirt - via Maurices
Chains - Victor Rolf via Herbergers
Leather Jacket - Worthington via JCPenneys
Belt - Levis via Levis Outlet store


Kyla said...

Those shoes still make me drool a little. And your hair has been looking oh-so-cute lately!

just my style said...

I have to say you are looking extra fabulous these days! Those booties are Crazy good. Love the Rock and Roll, keep it up girl!

Kendra said...

Looking good! I agree about the jeans. I think jeans in any other color other than true blue denim should be ok for work. I like that the material makes them more structured and forgiving than regular drapey dress pants.

I also love this necklace, i am wearing a very similar one today.

Lorena said...

great booties...!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

nice shoes!

Anonymous said...

loving the combo here and the booties!