Saturday, January 30, 2010

Early bday present

My husband is awesome. I have been wanting a full length mirror forever. I mean how's a girl supposed to get dressed in a teeny tiny target mirror? I mean come on, I'm a big girl. I need more. I have been keeping my eyes open for a while but nothing has jumped out at me. A couple weeks ago, I almost pulled the trigger on a mirror from west elm on my husband's insistence that it would be my birthday present. The mirror I was looking at was on sale and free shipping but I held back. I just wasn't sure. When I saw this one.... It was out of my price range but I posted it on my blog as I loved it anyway.

There I sat with no mirror again. Fast forward to today when my scheming husband said we should go to Olive Garden for lunch. Who am I to say no to that? What i didn't get is why he picked an one so far from home?

Because west elm was a block away and he had put a hold on MY mirror as my bday present. All I has to do was okay it in person. Yay!

Here's me, weekend wear and all, with my new mirror.

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Fashion Therapist said...

Fantastic mirror. I still need a full length mirror

Kyla said...

That's awesome! Go hubby!

We have the ugliest bifold doors on our bedroom closets, but I keep them because 2 of the panels are floor to ceiling mirrors. Yeah, I'm a narcissist.