Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Black and Pink in the Sunset

I know, I know. These
are the best pictures ever! Maybe not the best pictures ever, but my husband got some excellent pictures of me and the sunset. The sunset threw such gorgeous colors onto me, my outfit, and the house. Plus the sunset accessorized with my outfit. Matching my pink tank top and adding some needed color to my black outfit.

I am so proud of the fact that I dressed up for New Years Eve Day. Unfortunately the heat was out on my end of the office building (I was the only one ON that end said day) The thermostat read a high of 57 most of the day. Not HORRIBLE when the cold air wasn't blowing on me. BRRR!!! Not the correct day for a skirt. Luckily, I was warm enough with my tall boots and socks. No one in the office saw my outfit because I never took off my jacket. GRRR!!! This cold weather is doing two things. 1. Teaching me to layer better. 2. Making me dream of dressing for WARM WEATHER!

Black Suit Jacket - via Herbergers
Black Ruched Tuxedo Shirt - Santa
Pink Tank - Old Navy
Skirt/Belt - Studio Y via Maurices
Tights - White Stag via ShopKo
Gray Socks - via Target
Black Boots - Softt via DSW
Wings Necklace - via Target
Glasses - Fossil via Herbergers


Kyla said...

This outfit is fantastic! I'm totally digging the socks. And these photo are beautiful, no doubt!

Emily Kennedy said...

Way cute! The socks and boots thing is definitely one of the key ways to survive this crazy winter.

Yup, natural light is how you get the great photos. It's so lovely... like humans were meant to be in it.

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

what a nice blog!! i like your style darling! You have a new follower ;)

FashionAddict said...

Fabulous looks with the knee socks over the boots!

Melanie said...

That look deserved way more exposure than a cold, empty office. :( Great photos!!

kanishk said...

The socks and boots thing is definitely one of the key ways to survive this crazy winter.

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Anonymous said...

These are the best photos ever.
They would, however, be even better if your face was downright in the snow. Or maybe just of the snow. I like the snow, everyone likes snow.