Sunday, January 31, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Sparkly Wings

What can I say? A girl needs a little sparkle in her life. Why not have a stripe of it down your sleeves and across your collar bone. This sure does distract from my "problem areas". I know that I am staring at the sparkles!

I started the day off with one scarf. At the very last minute before leaving for work, I grabbed the second scarf. At work I decided to wrap the two scarves together and tuck the ends in.

About half way through the day, I was sooo sick of adjusting my pants. (I forgot a belt and I can't wear pants without a belt. My shape makes me do it!) I decided to thread one of the scarves through my belt loops and wear it as a belt! HURRAY for not having to pull my pants up every two seconds!

I am sad that I forgot to take pictures of my creative solution. This shirt is very draping. I tried to layer a long sleever shirt under it for warmth but it made the shirt look horrible. I decided to be creative in my quest for warmth. I found an old blue henley and I continued to cut off the sleeves. I used those sleeves as arm warmers for my time at work. (It is so cold at work no matter what!)

Shirt - gifted
Necklace - via Herbergers
Khaki Pants - Mossimo via Target
Scarves - gifted
Boots - Mia


Wanderlusting Fool said...

wow very creative of you to use the scarf as a belt. Love the sparkly top! I almost bought something similar - it has sparkles along just the shoulders. Love it!

Wanderlusting Fool

Anonymous said...

If you are sick of adjusting your pants, maybe lose a couple pounds...and while you are at it, drop that STUPID scarf you are substituting for a belt.

It is LAME and so are YOU.

Passion4Fashion said...

To Anonymous-
Take off your cranky pants and think a bit. If my pants are falling down, wouldn't losing a couple pounds make that worse?

I mean come on. If you are going to post a mean comment at least be smart about it.

Lesa said...

Your scarfs look beautiful! People who say mean things always seem to be named Anonymous don't they?

my form letter:

Hi, I have been following your blog for a while and I love it. I have started a new blog about books, I would like to ask you to consider it if you are a reader:

Christina Lee said...

Hey girl!! You won the book in my contest! Anonymous up there should go and play in traffic!

Anonymous said...

First off don't listen to stupid people like Anonymous... if you can't stick by your comment, don't right one. Second, you look great! I love that top and your scarf is the first thing I noticed because it is so beautiful.


P.S. I hate when I forgot to wear a is so annoying when in the middle of the day your pants get baggy!

Anonymous said...

P.S.S Ok, can't type... I mean "write" one (apparently I can't spell correctly... lol) ;)

Nishant said...

Your scarfs look beautiful!
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