Saturday, January 2, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Stripes on the Stairs

Layers, layers, that's the name of this new game I am attempting to play. I have played a lot of sports and learned the strategies of each. That seems easy compared to this new strategy of layering in this game I like to call Fashion... or at least my sorry attempt at fashion.

Have you ever helped someone with a different body type than your own pick out clothes? I like to think of it as dressing a doll. My own life size Barbie at whatever the person's everyday proportions.

I love to help other people pick out clothes. I love to see my fashion ideas work for someone else. More often it is more fun to dress someone else because we don't worry about the hangups that we have when we are dressing our perceived bodies and our perceived "style".

Striped Cardigan - Gap Outlet
Blue Tie Shirt - George via Walmart
Black Tank - Old Navy
Black Boots - Softt

Note of depression - Found a GORGEOUS pair of Softt Boots at Nordstrom's Rack in my size, in an awesome color.... pulled them on and felt the glorious Softt softness (goodness?). Slide the zipper up, up, up... snag.... pull... slip a little... pulllllllll.... I got those boots zipped and adored them in the mirror. Then I cried when I unzipped them and hung them back up. THOSE BUGGERS WERE TIGHT! I was afraid to contract my calf muscles (MOVE) due to the constraints of the circumfrence of the boots. Yep... it happened. Too narrow in the calves made me put those gorgeous, comfortable, perfect boots back. (Tear)


Anonymous said...

That blue is a great color on you... and I am sorry about the boots. It seems to happen all too often.

Kyla said...

You look great here! I, too, love that blue color on you.

Sorry about the boots .. I think that just means there's a better pair just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

too bad about the boots. that blue looks pretty on you.

Melanie said...

I love the outfit on you! Was watching a "coming this year in fashion" the other day, and they were saying that layering should be becoming quite a breeze...anything with mismatched patterns GOES this year? I'm SO a shoo-in now! I can *do* that!! :P

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That striped cardigan is really cute!

I also have a hard time finding boots that fit my calves, but you could probably take those almost perfect boots to a cobbler and have them stretched a bit to make them actually perfect for you.

kanishk said...

.. I think that just means there's a better pair just around the corner!

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