Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guests to Passion4Fashion - All in the Family

As you can see, I am a slacker when it comes to weekends and holidays. I wear sweatshirts and jeans (Not often sweatpants). If I have no plans I get lazy.

My excuse's are numerous:
1. It is easier to walk the dog in MN winters without having to change or freeze each time I want to go out.
2. My husband and I tend to run errands or hang out doing stuff not conducive to cute outfits.
3. I don't like to use my work clothes for weekends when it seems like a waste that no one sees or chancing them getting wrecked, etc...
4. When I visit home, I don't bring much more than jeans and sweatshirts because I don't end up wearing anything other than that unless we are going out. (Not often.)

Me, my sis (good dresser, I know!), my niece... (best dressed award)

If you ask J, my niece, where she got her clothes she will tell you, " from da trift tore." with that know it all 3 year old tone. She knows!!!!


Anonymous said...

she is so precious

Melanie said...

Hey! I dressed J, so I should have some sort of Honorable Mention or something!

AND...I just wonder if folks can just *tell* that we're sisters, what with the matching (not original) haircolor and matching (also not original) eye color!! :D

Love you!