Saturday, January 2, 2010

Passionate Fashion - Green on Green

I am finding it hard to get dressed in the winter. I don't have enough long sleeve warm clothes for work. I have been trying to do more layering instead of wearing on heavy layer.
It is hard to layer without layering items!

I must admit that I have always loved sleek and chic. Less pieces, less clutter, cleaner. Lately the pictures that inspire me are more layering and floaty and flowing.

Uh oh... change in inspiration means.. wardrobe updates. BAD!

Also Winter, I miss my heels. It is hard to wear them in your snow. I don't want to fall and hurt my ankle again!

Hope you like seeing lots of my boots! Snow makes them necessary.
(PS... a trip to Nordstroms Rack = a new pair of boots and a want to go back for more shoes, without husband to tell me, "You have more than enough shoes."

Men do NOT understand. I NEED options.

Green w/White Striped Shirt - Foxcroft (thrifted)
Navy Blue Argyle Cardigan - Mossimo via Target
Black Pants- Worthington
Brown Cowboy Boots - Aldo

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alya said...

What I find most disturbing about the over abundance of shoes in women's wardrones is that the majority of them are actually very similar: some variation of a black pump. I can't say I'm not guilty as well...the little details like lace-up, peep-toe, etc do make them feel different but really...we probably do have more than enough. :)