Thursday, April 2, 2009

The effort was there...

...but the follow through wasn't great.

My jewelry minus my watch... This is the only good part of my outfit in my opinion.

I cut my head off in the next two pictures because I was embarrassed.

I tried wearing two dresses to gain the length needed to be appropriate for work. The first snafu was a static issue, the second issue ended up being that the front of the dress (darn maternity cut) is longer than the rest of the dress. I like maternity dresses as they give me room to be comfortable in the chest area and they don't emphasize my trouble area (stomach). Next time I need to remember not to try to layering it under other dresses.

Findings: Dress layering might work without the maternity cut. Try again at another time!

Shoes- Payless
Dress one- Aude - Red Tag (it's a very shimmery fabric hence the crazy glow in the pictures... sorry!)
Dress two(bottom) - Mossimo via Target via Goodwill
Sweatshirt - Nike gifted

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