Thursday, April 23, 2009

PLEASE! I need these shoes!

PLEASE CAN I HAVE THESE! Size 11! I would be SOOOO in love. Granted I need some work shoes but I could wear these to work. Just not on dressy business days. PLEASE! even carries my size!!! WOW!

Reasons I need them:
They are sexy.
They are studded.
They are sexy.
Yep that is enough reason for me.... now for the money part!

P.S. Can you tell that I have not been shopping lately. We are saving money for our house purchase.... NEXT MONTH!... and I haven't been buying anything. This not shopping is difficult. I am going to go on a spending spree once the house stuff is taken care of. I will need to get a hair cut and color, some summer clothes, and some WORK shoes. (Closed toe and everything.)

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