Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Editor's Picks Post

I was reading a post on the website that I follow. (If you aren't familiar with this site check it out! They run some interesting "style recipes" for those of us who don't cook. I can't even find the kitchen half the time!)

I must agree with Jennifer on MANY of her choices in the

Editor Picks: Top 10 Must-Buys For Spring 2009 - Jennifer Davidson

I mean come on can I have this BCBG dress?

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

And this Alfani "Arrezo" Clutch is killer!

These items or similar are now on my Wishlist!
The SAK Silverlake Convertible Satchel
Shirred Square Neck Top
Bamboo Dawn Skirt
Cotton-Cashmere Ruffle Cardigan

Check out the website!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

oooh, i like the alfani clutch.

Fell4fashion said...

Great picks!! I love them both!!

Kyla said...

Hey, there-
Thanks so much for the kind comment! And the answer to your question? Weight Watchers. Hands down the one and only way to go. I couldn't have done it any other way.

kittyscreations said...

That certainly is a gorgeous dress! I love how it drapes.

Pop Champagne said...

I normally don't like green dresses but that is one fantastic dress! Great pick! :D