Thursday, April 2, 2009

Note to Self (Shoe Post)

I work tradeshows as part of my job... great... bad foot and lots of time standing on it for several days in a row... hmmm.... NEW SHOES!
Do you have a favorite brand that holds up for you? Shoes that you know are going to be comfy no matter whether you are at a desk for eight hours or standing for 9 hours?
I am looking for advice.. please advise!

NEED THESE SHOES as work shoes of course.

And these for fun!


Christina Lee said...

Ya know I think it depends on the shoe, not the brand-I think it's a toss-up!Bbut definitely those that are supposed to offer support are probably better for you. But even thoughs sometimes hurt! That may be why I wear ballet flats or kitten heels alot during the day :)

Sher said...

You need to find the right arch for you. Check out my post about heels on my blog. It might help.