Monday, April 13, 2009

Honestly... I am out here

So I am going to come out and say it... I might be on and off here for the near future. Between things that I have planned, the dawning of nice weather after a Minnesota winter, and the fact that we are stepping closer to buying a house, makes it tough to get posts out here. I will be trying to take pictures of my outfits to catch up on whenever I have time but packing and other things will be taking up a lot of my time.

I am still following everyone's blogs and I look forward to seeing all the inspiring ideas everyone comes up with.

I have recently added more blogs that I follow and I will be updating my blog roll soon. This time around I will have to look into some sorting mechanisms as I have picked up more than just fashion blogs to follow. I also am following some refashioning, crafting, and interior decorating blogs. This blogging can be addicting.

I will have more soon! Don't abandon this ship yet!


Kyla said...

Can't wait to have you back. Good luck with the house stuff. It's EXHAUSTING, but totally rewarding!

just my style said...

I agree about the blogging being addicting!!! How fun...a NEW house! Good Luck! Anywhoo.. I have been following fashion blogs for a while, yours included, and have found the inspiration to start my own. I hope it will be a way to "push" my fashion boundries and personal style. Have a stylish day....
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