Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cleaned up in pinstripes

This is my philosophy. My mom bought me this bracelet when I was going through a rough time. I LOVE this bracelet. It reminds me to be happy about what I have.

Some fabulous payless shoes. I am very tempted to get rid of a bunch of my "cheap" shoes to get a pair or two of expensive ones. What do you think? Quantity over quality or vice versa?

This is the detail on my jacket from my most recent Goodwill shopping trip.

Pants - NY and Co.
Shoes - Payless
Wrap Shirt?
Grey Tshirt- Old Navy
Belt- I keep saying this belt is Diesel but it isn't it is Kenneth Cole.. WHOOPS!
Jacket- Liz Clairborne via Goodwill
Bracelet - AE


Kyla said...

Killer jacket! Such a flattering fit.
Hmm...quantity or quality when it somes to shoes? It's such a left-brain / right-brain thing. I always want a lot of shoes, but find that I can only stand to wear the more expensive comfortable ones. I think the key is patience - waiting for good deals and good quality.

Christina Lee said...

wow-so strange- I made my sister a necklace (my hand-stamped business)when she was going through something and she wanted it to say "LIVE YOUR LIFE" too!! :)