Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Accessories gone WILD

This is my weekend purchase. I found this ring at Claire's. I have been looking for a fun statement/cocktail ring for a while. I love them! I have an issue finding rings big enough to fit my fingers. When I found this ring and it fit, I was sold! I couldn't wait one minute longer. I put back anything else I was going to purchase so I could buy this ring. I know, I know. It was a splurge at all of $8! Gotta watch every bit of my spending so we can get our house!!!!

Here is my rockin' new ring with my last purchase. Well ok, I think my husband bought them for me. I found these awesome shades at Fleet Farm. That's right... Fleet Farm. I find lots of interesting items there! I can't wait to wear these shades and my ring with my shorts this summer.

This is one of my two purses that I have been carrying lately. Purple Croc print... sounds yummy to me. I found this purse on sale at Herbergers. I carried it around for a while knowing that I loved the look of it. I showed it to my shopping companions. (My mom and sister) They were both SHOCKED to find that they liked the purse as well. We tend to disagree on anything fashion or shopping related. I guess if we all liked it that meant that I HAD to buy it. I have been interchanging this purse with the bag that my husband bought me for Christmas. I guess I like animal print in my accessories. I guess I like animal print.

Here's the purse that my husband bought me for Christmas. I have two GREAT purses right now, don't I?


Jess said...

The ring is definitely u!

Melanie said...

Ring looks even cooler on whatever it is that you have it on...than it did under Claire's SPARKLE lighting!