Thursday, March 5, 2009


This outfit is becoming a GO TO outfit for me. These wide leg khaki trousers from Ann Taylor Loft are super soft and comfortable. The wide waist band does its job in making me look better at the top and the super long wide leg makes my legs look like they go on forever when paired with heels that you never see. Who wouldn't want a cardigan with 3 colors of sparkles on charcoal gray softness. When I pair my special cardigan with basics like a black tshirt, brown belt, and khaki trousers I feel put together business casual. Now if only I could figure out what to do with my hair!

Sorry the pic is blurry best I could do, but I am back! Busy weeks suck but they move faster!


Jess said...

It's the sweater!!!HAHAHHA doesn't look bad at all!

Passion4Fashion said...

My sister in law says that my closet looks like an old lady closet because of items like this. I think it is all about the person wearing it and how they wear it. Anyone else think this is an old lady sweater?

Cristina said...

NO! Not at all. The sweater is fine. Not old lady at all;) I really like those wide leg trousers too.

lisa said...

The cardi looks great on you!