Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Behind

Sorry that I have been on and off, I have been a bit busy with work and house hunting... I have some outfits to share when I get a chance to sit down long enough.

For now I am going to share my Claire's accessories find.

I must admit that I don't often wander into Claire's. Target often has the similar fun stuff and I am there more often. This weekend I ventured into Claire's with my sister and my two favorite nieces for a bit of wander shopping. (Honestly, my sister is TWILIGHT obsessed and looking for a Cullen cuff. She is addicted over 30. Apparently this trend has hit EVERYONE. {I LOVE her in spite of it... haha!}) Anyway, I ended up finding a few things that I liked but I restrained with only one purchase which I will try to get a picture of with my outfit this afternoon.

I did fall in love with the look of these.

For more than $18 I thought that was a little much for something that looked that uncomfortable but I was thinking there must be a more comfy plain alternative out there that I could "fix". Does anyone know where to find the crisscross strapped sandals similar to this that I could DIY?

Speaking of DIY, I am still working on a few projects and I hope to have something to showcase soon.

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Christina Lee said...

Ok I am slightly addicted to Twilight too but I cant say I know what a Cullen Cuff is- now I'm curious :):)
Oh and thanks alot for all of those fragrance names!!!