Thursday, March 5, 2009

Purple People Eaters... Guest Blogger

The surprise guest fashionista is here...

This girl is fearless in her style and she can be...

She is after all only 2!

Name: Jacey a.k.a Jacers a.k.a Jaceygaboogle a.k.a Gaboogler
(I like nicknames)
Age: 2
Birthday: September 29
Favorite Color: Purple?
Favorite Cartoon Character: Dora? Elmo?
Most Used Saying: What da Heck or Be quiet
Something you might not know about her: She cries when she gets told no. (Don't we all?)

Green and purple Friday socks for inspiration in fashion and music.

hair ties make rockin' bracelets

this is how a model poses

She has some style. When I was visiting for a long weekend, she could be seen sporting her green and purple Friday socks and her purple and yellow Saturday socks. These socks were the building block for her outfit, consciously or not. (Her mother and partner in dressing said she didn't even try. I think that just means she has style oozing out of the subconscious.)

Inspiration comes from all avenues in this crazy world.

What I learned from Jacey:
  • Dressing from the bottom up such as your socks or some other similar fashion item perspective can turn out to be great inspiration for a whole new outfit you had never envisioned before.
  • On color head to toe with a POP of color can tie together an outfit in the blink of an eye.
  • Skirts over leggings are HOT right now.
  • One unexpected item or color can make an otherwise boring outfit fun.
  • DIY is hot right now. The green swirl skirt is a part of her grandma's dress from high school remade.
  • Accessorize in creative ways.
  • A smile can MAKE an outfit.
Thanks kiddo!

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