Monday, March 23, 2009

5'9" to 6'0"

I am one of those girls that enjoys being taller than people. I don't slouch because I am taller than the people around me. Granted I am not often the TALLEST person in the room, but I LOVE IT! I don't wear high heels in the winter. I keep it to whatever is on my boots most of the time. Summer time with less ice, heels it is. Today I brought out my teal platform wedges. I love these shoes. They were a Target clearance purchase last summer. I was buying shoes for a meeting/party for my husband's company. As it always works, I bought a another pair (full price from Target) for the meeting and wore these instead. I stood for hours in these shoes! I am not willing to give up comfort for fashion but I am all for searching high and low for the comfort I prefer. As an avid "What Not to Wear" watcher, I know that Stacy would not approve of using comfort as an excuse for dressing crappy but I think she would approve of comfort AND fashion. Right? Clinton Kelly and Stacy London ROCK!

Jacket- The Wilderness Golf - from a previous job as a bev cart
Teal cardigan - American Eagle
Teal button down - JCPenney's
Lime green tshirt- ??
Necklaces- 2 from Craig 1 made by me
Earrings - Made by me
Black Cords- Kohl's
Heels - Target (taller than they look in these pics - I am sinking in our back yard)

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