Saturday, March 21, 2009

And you little dog too...

I have had these pictures waiting to be posted. I like the outfit but I look a little tired. Haha!
I must say I LOVE LOVE this white dress shirt! I got this shirt from Nordstrom's in Seattle, WA.
It is a Foxcroft shirt. It is a heavier material that hangs well every time. It is super comfortable, it never wrinkles, and it washes like a champ. I got the same shirt in black and I love that one too. I am going to buy more when I have the chance/money.

White Shirt - Nordstrom's
Black Shell Tank Top - ?
Black Pants - ?
Necklace - NY and Co.

1 comment:

Anika said...

I was just going to compliment the shirt and how well it sits when I read your rave....just gorgeous! I refuse to iron things unnecessarily however, so would have to pass on that shirt ;)

p.s. love your blog background!