Monday, March 9, 2009

One Jean Jacket - Cheap

I found this jean jacket last summer. Since my jean jacket purchase was preblogging, I thought I would show off my find as I wore it today. It seems like everyone is talking about the perfect jean jacket. I am very happy with mine!

I purchased this Ralph Lauren Polo jean jacket for about $5 or $8 at Goodwill. It will hopefully be a go to item for me in the coming months when it finally gets AND STAYS warm enough to wear it as a jacket. Today it is my cardigan. (I wasn't happy with any of the cardigans I tried first.)

This outfit is quite a switch. Yesterday, I was planning to wear a skirt or a dress for today but I waged war with a dooser of a headache last night and this morning I was too tired to fight together a new outfit. Here is my outfit instead.

the ruffle detail on my shirt and my black pearl necklace

the oxfords close up

Jean Jacket - Thrifted
Old Navy Blue Pinstripe Button Down
Old Navy White Tank Top
Maurices Khaki semi Cords
Men's Oxford Shoes - Thrifted

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