Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I Like about Me

The girls at academichic set out this challenge to post five things we like about ourselves.

I was able to make a list pretty quickly as this is something that I try to work on a little bit here and a little bit there. I try not to kick myself over parts of my body that for whatever reason I don't like. I mean it isn't their fault that I haven't been eating right or working out to change them. I just try to dress them to look their best.

Five things I like:
I like my chest. (I have come to terms with the fact that it is large and I have learned to use what I have there to balance out the rest of my body. I know that I am not a slim feminine woman but I like being a bit more sporty(muscular) and curvy most of the time. I am not saying that I don't wish to be a B cup for a day or two here and there or that I am not TOTALLY envious of those of you who can wear vneck tops without showing obscene amounts of cleavage SOMETIMES!

I like my calves. I have always been happy with my legs. Over the past couple years, I have noticed less liking of my thighs but I still LOVE my calves. They look pretty good in a pencil skirt, they make me happy in shorts, and they take care of my physical needs with flying colors.

I like my eyes. I enjoy changing the color of my eyes to throw people off, but even though I am pretty blind and need corrective lenses I must say that I like the size, shape, and even the color of my eyes.

I like my lips. They are great. I don't have to do anything to them if I don't want to and they have NEVER let me down. They look cute, pouty, happy, or sad when I need them to.
I like my height. I enjoy being tall. I always HAVE enjoyed being tall. I used to get jealous of the kids who were taller than me when they finally passed me up in height. I was NOT a happy camper the day I realized my LITTLE brother was taller than me. I enjoy being tall and I try to use it to my advantage.

That wasn't so tough. The tough part for me is not adding too many buts or most of the times or other similar lines to these I likes. I could complain about my eyes for being blind but I don't mind. I have adjusted. I mean there is always someone who makes you think that you could be better in whatever way. I come across super cute small chested girls wearing something that I would never be able to get away with because of the size of my cleavage and I think that I would like to be able to wear that. But then I focus on what I can wear instead or what I like about my chest. Most of the time it takes me two seconds to decide that I am better off. I have learned to dress my chest and enjoy it.

What are five things you like about yourself?


Lydia said...

Thanks for the encouraging list! In a society that is so often negative toward natural women, it's encouraging to read your list!

Best of luck on the move! It's a pain and a hassle, but I'm sure it will be well worth it! :)

JGeb said...

This was a sweet post. It's really nice to hear someone have such a positive body image! Me? I like my bootie. I'm kinda small with a Kardashian-esque bootie and I'm happy about it :)

just my style said...

Great list! I am compiling my list of five things to post about. It's refreshing to finally see women appreciate themselves and what makes them special and unique. :)