Monday, August 17, 2009

Game Plan

Ok, here is my game plan. Yeah yeah, you hear everyone talk about a shopping ban. I am not going to do one of those because honestly, I wouldn't hold myself to it. What? I am honest! I am also honest that I have a TON of YOUR outfits saved on my computer as inspiration. I also have items in my closet due to some thrifting excursions that haven't been worn. I am going to challenge myself to incorporate those items into my wardrobe rotation. I am going to push myself to wear each item. In an attempt to do this, I am going to actually start a journal of outfits that I could wear. You guys talk about picking out outfits the night before or some of you ON SUNDAY! Wow congrats. I don't have that type of ambition and even if I did, I dress for how I feel each day. Granted I change clothes about 2-7 times each morning but that is part of my routine. I work with it.

I am going to remix (wear an item in a different way - Thanks for asking reader!) items from my closet and get a little more creative about finding "my style".

I picture a sleek, bold, creative professional look when I am going to work. By that I mean that I like bold color, a little bit of edge, but a simple look.

For casual dress, I think I still go with bold and creative, I think I like to layer on simple and a little punk.

What do you think my style is? Where do you think I excel and where do I struggle? What would you like to see me try? Recent comments have mentioned that I should stick to trying dresses and try more belting. I am on it! Any more ideas?

Some inspiration pics. Some are links! I am sorry if I borrowed your pic and didn't link. Please let me know so I can link it to you! I want to give you credit as you inspire me!

Thanks E., Kyla, Danielle, and all you other fashionable ladies. I wish I could post every inspiration photos but I can't. There are too many more inspiring ladies. I can't even COUNT them all. Catch them in my blog roll!


Kyla said...

Thanks for the shout out. Happy to be of inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

The woman in the white blazer -- which blog is hers?

eednic said...

bwhahhaha! i totally save people's fashion pics to my computer for inspiration too! if i'm at work and can't save the pic, i'll write down the general idea and think of what i own that might fit into the plan and take that piece of paper home and see if it pans out.