Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pashionately Fashionable - Neutrals

I have only worn this dress once before.

Love the buttons on this cardigan. They are a silver metal disc.

I will be sharing some more of my work outfits for a little bit as I empty out my archives. (Too lazy to post outfits) Keep your eyes open for some less work appropriate outfits in the near future. My job circumstances have changed and with that parts of my wardrobe will as well. At least for now! EXPECT MORE DENIM!

I will be pushing myself to not fall into a completely denim routine but I can't lie. I am totally excited to wear some denim!

Suits to denim, what a switch!

Dress- via Marshall's
Necklace- Locket received as a gift in 2nd grade and lil sis heart necklace from a gift I gave my sis
Cardigan - via Herbergers
Lacking shoes - Due to sore leg!


Christen said...

I'm jealous - you get to wear jeans to work?!? I only get to on Fridays but at least I don't have to dress in suits every day like I did at my previous job!

You look beautiful and I love the soft neutrals!

blackdog finds said...

I love your gray cardigan, I have one and I wear it all the time- they're so versatile. And your dog is so cute! I have a black lab and he likes to lie in the foreground of some of my outfit shots, too.