Friday, August 7, 2009

What I Wore - Pink Lacy

I have had this pink lacy tank top since high school. At that point I probably wore it with nothing on under it and enjoyed it. Now that I am in the working world I tend to tame down my outfits a bit more! (my husband is not really a fan of that. Boy!)

This outfit (from weeks ago, sorry) was of course layered with a suit coat for most of the day as I had calls to make but it works for around the office as is. Our office is all ends of the spectrum. There are days were you will see people in full on suits standing next to people in workout capris and a tshirt and crappy flip flops. And there are days where EVERYONE is wearing jeans or khakis. It all depends on where our job will take us that day. (I am expected to be in a suit or suit like outfit DAILY.)

The pinstripe and shoe buckle.

The lace detail.

Pink Shirt - Maurices?
Tshirt- Target
Pants- Maurices
Shoes- Simply Vera for Kohl's


Kyla said...

love the cami. VERY pretty!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

This is what I like about viewing people's blog you get to see new things. I have never seen this look before, you inspire me to be more creative. Thanks!

Lilee said...

nice blog.