Sunday, August 30, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Dress Up

My husband's step sister had a vow renewal ceremony last week. They had gotten married previously and wanted the family to be a part of the celebration now.
What does one wear to a Sunday morning vow renewal wedding located in a park?

Things to think about:
Time of day - Sunday morning?
Location - Park (no high heels in the park)
Location/climate - Close to a large lake and on a hill where the weather is always chilly
Event - vow renewal/bbq

All of these factors meant I was unsure of the dress code.

Most of my summer dresses seemed too casual or too white for a wedding but most of my day dresses are work attire. Add in that I wanted to wear something that I haven't gotten a chance to wear or something fun and... dress up game!

First I tried this fun tiered skirt with a tank top.
Too much skin and not the right vibe for me for this occasion

Then I tried on this satin pencil skirt and shirt combo
Fun but not what I was looking for either

Next try was this silvery button up dress
Nope still not right (sorry about the face)

So this is what I ended up with
Something that I was comfortable in and something that allowed a jacket to be an option but not a boring one! (Ps... I was still chilly even though it was 80 degrees at home 2 hours away it was still like 60 something degrees at this wedding!)

Outfit 1
Black Tank Top - Aude via
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Payless
Earrings - DIY

Outfit 2
Off White Top - Marshalls
Satin Pencil Skirt - thrifted
Red Tshirt Necklace in my hand - DIY
Shoes - Payless

Outfit 3
Dress - Walmart clearance
Off White Top - Marshalls

Final Outfit
Jacket - Herbergers
Tank Top - Aude via
Pants - Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes - via Target
Belt - via Target
Necklace - gift from Mom
Bracelet- gift ?
Watch - Fossil

At least I tried on some of my yet to be worn items for dress up!

Jess - I think that black and white Ann Taylor strapless dress would have been perfect! And I realized I didn't get a pic of you! And I was hoping to guest post you for this. Darn it!


Christen said...

Oh, I really love following your thought process. It's such a good idea! I can go through two or three outfits in the morning before I'm happy with one too. Thanks for posting!

Alanna said...

you look amazing in every look! very few other fashionistas can pull of the classically chic but modern look, but you do it so well!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Love to see clothes on a body type like mine. Thanks.

jess said...

I know I loved that dress!!! If only I was a little smaller I would have fit! Oh well

Kaylynn said...

You look absolutely super gorgeous in these styles. You have great fashion sense. LOVE all your outfits, especially that #3 dress from WalMart.