Saturday, August 22, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Cobalt Blue

I got this top from Walmart about a a couple weeks ago and was waiting to wear it ever since. I LOVE THIS COLOR! I might be addicted to it as it is the color my eyes are sometimes. (I wear colored contacts. In real life (haha) my eyes are a muddy blueish greenish grayish color.) Right now my eyes are brown so the color of the shirt pops on it's own! The color and the interesting neckline make it a very fun shirt to wear.

I added the vest for a bit more polish for a work atmosphere on a casual Friday.

Seven for all Mankind jeans! Check!

Fun shoes! Check! Snakeskin and pink I mean they are fun!

When it comes to my shoe collection, I am realizing that my work shoes are great for comfort but are mainly black. My other shoes tend to be neutrals. Other than A pair of shoes here and there I need some more fun and color in my shoes collection. Oh well, that won't be soon.

Blue Floaty Top - via Walmart
Shoes - thrifted
Jeans- Seven for all Mankind via Nordstrom's
Vest- thrifted
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshall's

You will be seeing more casual outfits once I get through the backlog of outfits that I have held up. I was laid off from my job recently (damn it, in the summer when the weather is beautiful!! Yeah it is rough so far!) and I won't have a lot of extra money for clothes so I won't be adding much to my wardrobe. But I will be enjoying less suits (until I get interviews) and I will be enjoying trying more of the items that were not appropriate for work. (when I am not being lazy about getting dressed.)

I must say that I am mighty proud of the fact that I have been following a work out regimen for the past several days that has me good sore. I would love to see a few of these extra pounds melt back off. If it were in time for my sis in laws wedding next month, then that would be fine too.


Kyla said...

Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Everything happens for a reason, though and I'm sure you will find an even better job. As you know, I recently quit a really shitty job in lieu of a much more gratifying job with far less pay. My time is much more precious though and I've been able to build up so many opportunities. Not to mention enjoy my life a lot more. So, take advantage of your free time! You won't regret it!

Christen said...

I really love those snakeskin shoes - they add such great visual interest to the outfit. And those jeans fit you sooooo well!

I'm sorry you were laid off - like Kyla, I really do believe everything happens for a reason. But that doesn't make it any easier. Sounds like you are hanging in there though!

eednic said...

cobalt blue is my mom's absolute most favorite color EVAR! she doesn't really wear it much, but her house has cobalt blue accents everywhere. so i know it's pretty safe if i want to buy her a gift to get her something in cobalt blue for the house!