Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pashionate Fashion - Pink and Bruised

This summer has given me plenty of time to learn the benefits of a skirt.
- looks professional
- keeps you cool
- is an easy way to add color to an outfit (pink pants are cute but not always as appropriate
- sits more comfortably (this is of course a personal fit issue. dress pants tend to sit too high and then cut into my widest part)
- don't have to worry about heel height versus pants length
- there are tons of cute ones out there to thrift

Chillin' in my pink skirt.
Complimented by a plain black shirt.

Black Shirt - Daisy Fuentes via Kohl's
White Faux Tank - Victoria Secret
Pink Skirt - thrifted
Necklace - made by me
Sunglasses - Kohl's

Sorry for not wearing shoes in my recent pics. I have reinjured my leg so I have been chilling in flip flops more often that I should be. I only step into heels for my sales calls. (What can I say, they are more professional, and I feel more professional in them!)


Clare said...

Cute! Love the necklace!!

Anonymous said...

like the necklace!!!

just my style said...

Love the pink skirt! You look GREAT! It looks like you are conquering the office attire dilema.

Kristen said...

Been lurking for a while, but I had to comment to say that pink skirt is GREAT on you! Probably my favorite outfit yet. Don't be afraid to try color; it really works on you very, very well.

The poses and angles are especially nice too.

Milly said...

Cute your necklace!