Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I Wore- Navy and Pinstripes

This faux wrap shirt has been a good basics purchase. I bought this shirt at JCPenney a couple years ago. I didn't wear it much right away but it has since grown on me. I think part of my fondness for this shirt is that it looks professional but it isn't a gaping button down. I would love to have a closet full of button downs but with my chest, they don't fit right without tailoring. (which I never get around to)

Yep I am a RULE breaker. Oh wait what rules are still in play anymore. I mean this would be navy and black are not to be worn together. But I do! YA! I also like to pair brown and black. I wear white whenever I am in the mood to. I hardly EVER match my belt and my shoes. Oh yeah! REBEL! Rebellion goodie two shoes style. Yep. I wear TWO good shoes. Oh sad joke. Sorry.

Navy shirt - Worthington via JCPenney
Pinstripe Pants - Maurices
Shoes - A2 Aerosoles via Kohls

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Melanie said...

OK, no one else said a peep but I really like this outfit. I think it is quite flattering.