Saturday, August 29, 2009

Passionate Fashion - Rocker chic

Ok, I admit it. The tomboy in me has always enjoyed and felt more me with a little edge to my outfit! Its just one of the things about me. I love to dress up a bit, but I HATE being the most dressed up person in the room.

I thought it fitting for my first day of unemployment that I rocked what I WANTED! I wanted to wear something that I couldn't wear to work. Since it was raining, I didn't have to work hard to decide on jeans. (I am trying to enjoy my summer wardrobe because even though I like winter and fall, I don't get to use my summer wardrobe enough. A/c creates a wintery atmosphere. A lot of times this part of the world seems to skip the fall weather. Last year I think I wore a fall jacket twice before I had to pull out my winter jacket.

This year I hope that is different. I don't want summer to end but I would love to enjoy my fall jackets for a while. I think I got rid of many of them just because I never got a chance to wear them. There is ONE jacket that I have been kicking myself for getting rid of. I had a green military like jacket with buttons. I think the only reason I got rid of it was because I didn't get much of a chance to wear it. Oh to have it back for this fall!

If you haven't noticed, I have let my hair go! I need a cut and a color but I am trying to save money AND get it to grow out. This is such a frustrating process as I will just get it to the length that I want it, and I will start getting headaches (my hair is very very thick) so I will cut it off again. The second I cut it off I will be happy for several months or a year even and then I will want it long again and it will take a year to grow it out again. Either way, I need a color and some bangs. AMY!!!!!!

Jeans - Miss Sixty shredded and studded by me
Belt - Kenneth Cole via Marshall's (my fav!)
Black sleeved shirt - American Basics
Black Sparkly Tank - Mossimo thrifted
Necklace - Target
Shoes - RSVP - Bday gift from CA (my husband)


Deborah-lee said...

Love it!

You look so tall and lean!

Kristen said...

You look fab in that! I tried to be inspired by you but I couldn't pull it off. Hmm, maybe I need a kick-ass belt like yours. :)

Kristin said...

Wicked cool necklace!