Thursday, August 27, 2009

Passsionate Fashion - Wild Thing

Can't you tell I have a wild side? This is an outfit that I wore while I was still working. It followed all my rules. It dealt with the heat by being a silky shirt and short pants, it worked under a suit jacket for calls, and it was professional but fun!

Do you guys do what I do?I have all sorts of great clothes but I wear a lot of the same things over and over again. Yeah sometimes it is because the same old clothes are comfortable and sometimes it is because I am lazy, but a lot of times I find myself wearing the same old thing because I don't want my nice things to be dirty in case I want to wear them for something else.
If I am going somewhere in a week, I will be sure to not wear anything that I MIGHT want to bring. That could mean my favorite pants or a layering tshirt. If I think I might want to wear it at another time I won't wear it that week.

Is that horrible? I have been trying to just MAKE myself wear what I want when I want and just be sure to do laundry more often but I just can't seem to break the habit. Any ideas on how to kick this hold out habit?

Zebraish Shirt - Dress barn
Sailor Crop Pants- Marshall's
Necklace - Boston Store
Sunglasses - Kohl's
Shoes- What shoes? (For work, I wore my black A2 Aerosoles Peeptoe Pumps)


Cristina said...

What a fun top. Nice print!

Christen said...

I plan out my week's worth of outfits every Sunday night so that I know exactly what needs to be clean. It's worth a try :)

I really love the print on your top!