Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So much to blog about, so little time...

Bear with me, I have several posts started but I haven't had time to finish them. I am single parenting (to our doggie) for the week and let me tell you, she can be a handful when she misses her dad. She was looking in the coat closet... that we don't use.... as if to say," Dad, where are you?" Cute but pathetic.

Oh and I also bought out the local Goodwill. Maybe I just felt like it. There are many things that I touched back on the shelves just taunting me to come back and purchase them.
"HOLD ON GREAT ITEMS! I must ponder you a while. I might return if the wind blows me in your direction again." Or if my truck drives me back there! I had a blast. Jess, I am sorry but I did NOT get a picture of my overloaded cart. I started sorting things out to try on before I remembered. Thanks for talking me through it!

If nothing comes up I will have a barrage of posts ready tomorrow and at least one or two will be posted with a few waiting in the wings for the next couple of days.

Want to hear how the Alba lotion is faring?
How the Insta Dry nail polish is lasting?
What I have been wearing for dog walking duties?
How badly I raided the local Goodwill this evening?

Check back for information on all of that and more.

I haven't gotten many comments on the three words post. I am going to post what I think on the topic soon but I was hoping to hear from you first! Read the post and write your comments here.

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Jess said...

I want pictures!!!!!Yay! I can't wait!!