Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I Wore Rocker Chick

This is my interpretation of rocker chic! I mean rocker chic! I love to wear these black corduroy jeans (fitted for me) with something rockerish. (Is that even a word?) I found this shiny design shirt at Target and I love that I can dress it up or dress it down depending on my mood. With the black corduroy jeans, white studded belt, and a black on black pinstriped blazer, I feel hip but presentable.

My job allows me to be creative in my projects but in dress I need to be a little more conservative. (Most days)

I love to look at all of the ladies who work in a fashion related field or something equally creative but I take advantage of the relaxed days when I can.

I am learning how to dress up a casual outfit for work. The easy first step is of course the blazer. A well fitting blazer can dress up almost any outfit. Secondly, I find something shiny to add to the outfit. Something shiny (some BLING) always makes me feel happy and a bit dressier than I would otherwise feel. The third thing to dress up a casual outfit is a pair of heels. As it is still cold and snowy outside I tend to pick closed toed shoes. I wear these black Sofft boots a lot. They are warm, they stay on, and they have a little traction. (All necessary in the snow.) Since I can't find/am to lazy to take a picture of my boots I will just describe them. My black boots are about mid calf to slightly higher height. The heel on them is about 2". They are black suede with strips of croc patterned black on the front, back, and both sided. When I found these boots I wasn't going to buy them. They were a bit too expensive and I wasn't looking for "that boot". I was shopping for a pair of brown boots to wear with dresses etc. I am sooo glad that I went back for this boot as I wear it all the time. (I had a pair of brown boots that I didn't LOVE but I wear them instead of buying another pair. GO RECESSIONISTA! Ok. I won't lie. I am not that. I LOVE to shop. My limits of shopping are different than some people. I don't own any Coach or LV or Louboutin's. But I do tend to like to buy what I want within reason. I go out to get my husband shoes.. and only shoes for him and I never come home without something. It is an addiction that honestly, I don't want to give up. I have been bribed with other things that I want but to no avail. I can't quit. (Those of you who know me might know what I have been bribed/sweet talked into saving up for.)

So back from that rant, another great item to dress up an outfit is a pair of earrings. Everyone tells you to keep a pair in your desk or purse to change up an outfit. Boy are they right. I carry this pair in my purse and I love them!My outfit today:
Jeans from Kohls
Tshirt from Target
Layered grey Tshirt American Apparel
Belt from Target
Boots from DSW
Jacket from JCPENNEY
Watch -Fossil
Bracelet - ?
5 Necklaces - Misc.


Nadine said...

Nice and comfortable look - and the design of your blog is awesome.

budgetchic said...

Thank you sweetie for the positive comment. I like this look! You can dress it up just a little bit with the blazer but then take it off and it casual and edgy! Nice!