Friday, February 13, 2009

What I Wore Today - Bumble BEEEEEE

Today is of course Friday so in my line of work that means JEANS!!!!!!!!!!! I love me some jeans. The sad part about jeans is that in my former job I could wear them every day and I had ok jeans. Now I can only wear them once a week and that is IF something doesn't come up on Friday and I have some CRAZY awesome pairs of jeans. So SaD!

This morning I was ready to pair my jeans with something fun.
I went with the pick your accessory and build from there philosophy.

The belt is where the outfit started. This belt (ahem tie) is the tie that my husband wore for our wedding. (Our colors were blue and yellow hence the tie.) From the belt tie, I added the yellow shirt which for sake of warmth is layered over a black Old Navy tank top and a black long sleeve tee from Target. (I have put this Ann Taylor Loft yellow shirt on several times over the past month and never liked how it looked. The shirt is just not meant to be layered for me but today I perservered and wore the shirt layered.) Since the yellow shirt added some extra size to my already large enough frame, I added the black vest to slim the outfit. Again out of necessity is the real brown belt from Marshall's. I have no hips and no butt. This makes it tough to keep pants up. The pants that don't stay up, my Seven for All Mankinds. These were my first CRAZY awesome jeans. My husband took me shopping for these as my anniversary present this year and I LOVE them. They are second only to the pair that he got me for Christmas. Those of you who know me know how much I love the Sevens. You can imagine my love for my AG's. They both fit in unique ways that work for my rectangular shape.

For accessories, I added my Fossil chain necklace that was a Christmas present from Santa. Thanks Santa! My love circle necklace from my husband is ever present, as is my Fossil watch. (Yes I love Fossil.) As something different my love, faith, etc.. bracelet was the final accessory.

The bottom of my outfit has been a little controversial today. I must say that I DO NOT like socks with open toed shoes. That being said, I am wearing socks with open toed shoes. I have wanted to wear my birthday shoes since my birthday and it has been too cold. It could continue to be too cold for several months so I thought I would break them out anyway.

The controversial part of my outfit has not been that I am wearing socks with my open toed shoes. It seems to bother people what my socks SAY! Again I support my small town redneck nature. I am wearing yellow John Deere Green socks. Boy does that seem to KILL all the city people where I work.

I love it. I am a hick and I know it. If I felt like a total hick it might bother me but I think that if I dressed to be citified you would not be able to pick me out of a line up of full blown city people. Because of the chameleon like abilities that I carry I love to surprise people with my redneck side.

My foot is not deformed although it looks like it here.

Here is a close up of my belt.

Go John Deere! Run Like a Deer!

Husband and I are supposed to be going to see my movie tonight. No not Friday the 13th. Confessions of a shopaholic. I am EXCITED! It had better be good. Maybe I will get a pic if I/we look cute!


Jess said...

how did the shoes work out for ya???

budget chic said...

I love the tie as a belt. Nice way to layer your look. The yellow is a nice "pop" color!

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Cute outfit. love the belt effect.
Stay chic!