Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I Wore - Going Out

Husband and I went out to the movies last night.

It was good! I want to go see it again. I don't think I could talk my husband into it again but oh well he said it was alright and he gets mega points for going. Husband even got dressed up for the movie. He put on the Ferragamo shoes that we picked up in a local thrift store.

I was going to put on a cute dress to go out but I wanted warmth and comfort more. In the end I layered one of my dresses under a long sleeve white teeshirt as a tunic. I put on my hot jeans and a pair of sexy heels. (BEWARE OF ICE!) I added tall socks for me and my new necklace that I made the other day.

I felt pretty good about my outfit. Now if only my hair was long enough for a pony tail that would stay in!


Jess said...

Love the pressed up on the door pic! Your shoes make you have a butt!! Amen to heels ha?! I'm glad you had fun and I think your hair looks just fine!

Melanie said...

You look sharp! What a flirty pose :D !

MUG said...

I love this look on you, the layered necklaces and white just really pop! You looked awesome!