Friday, February 20, 2009

What I Wore - Thrift store finds... PART TWO

American Apparel Shirt, Target Cardigan via Goodwill, black cord jeans Kohls, Grey thigh high socks (Target), White and Wood strappy platform heels (Old Navy), Daisy Fuentes hoop earrings (Kohls), belt (Marshall's)

I really wanted to use simple accessories for this outfit. A day to day basic for me is my hope love faith circle necklace. I was able to add my first Fossil watch, and my live your life bracelet (AE) to my outfit but I wasn't able to wear was my shamrock necklace. Well any of them. I thought they would flow well with the greens in the cardigan. I couldn't (sniff sniff) find (sniff) any of my shamrocks!!! Where have you gone shamrocks?

In a side note, I talk to inanimate objects. Most if not all inanimate objects. My truck's name is Griffy. My fourwheeler's name is Grizzy. Nothing earth shaking but I do talk to them. HAHA! So again SHAMROCKS where are YOU?

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I am usually not an argyle girl, but I think I like this thrift outfit the best! Maybe it's the green?!? I don't know...but it looks neat!