Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Sad... and MAD!

I was having a watch crisis today. I have 3 watches. Three!

I lost a link in one of the watches which made it too small to wear. I remembered that the battery was dead on one, and the last one is too casual to wear with my work suit. What's a girl to do?

I felt naked without my watch all day.

I have since solved the problem. I got a new battery, found my spare link, and was once again clothed... watched??

I am a huge Fossil fan. If you need a new watch and have never owned a Fossil I highly recommend them. They are at a decent price point.I think I paid $65 for mine. The watches are pretty indestructible. I am not gentle on my watches. They get bashed into things, they get hit, pulled, pushed, even thrown on occasion. One of my watches was even stolen! (and subsequently found) When I finally cracked the glass on my first watch after years of wearing, since they couldn't fix the glass they replaced my watch with a brand new similarly priced watch. How cool is that? For a watch for under $100? I still have the second watch after daily wear for two or three years. I have supplemented another Fossil watch about 6 months ago and I wear that watch daily. I love them!

Check out there watches here!

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Nina (femme rationale) said...

wow, that's awesome that they replaced the watch. that alone would tempt me to consider fossil watches. :)