Monday, February 2, 2009

Why Redneck Chicks Don't Wear Pencil Skirts

After wearing the green dress last week, I decided that I LIKED what the pencilish shape did for my lower half. I tend to be unhappy with my stomach- love handle area and I am more of a square shape than an hour glass. I have found that a pencil skirt makes the square shape more curvy by creating the hip outline that I don't have. So after a Marshall's shopping trip with Jess on Sunday morning, I am the proud owner of a pencil skirt. My very first.

As today is a bit of a special day (my birthday) I chose to shake up my wardrobe a bit and rock the skirt.
I paired it with a purple shirt from Kohl's and a Guess belt from Marshall's for waist definition. The shoes are from Payless. I threw on a sport sweathshirt jacket to keep me warm and "sport up" the otherwise dressy outfit. I can't wait for warmer weather as layers and warmth often end up leading to frumpy for me. Although I can't say that HOT weather does me alot of good as I can't wear enough to be properly covered somedays.

Please ignore my hair as it is in the growing out stage and I can't decide what to do with it.

Now for the reference to the title.
As those of you who know me already know, I am a TRUCK girl. I drive a Ford F150 and I am darn proud of my truck... sorry honey... "our" truck.
Since I am normally a pants girl and I have long legs the truck is not normally an issue for me. I found myself getting a laugh... in my garage and by myself thankfully... over the fact that I couldn't get into my truck this morning. The pencil skirt in doing its job to narrow at the knees would not allow me to spread my legs enough for the step into the truck. Me being the smart girl I am, I hitched up the skirt into miniskirt mode (thank you for stretchiness) and proceeded to climb on in. Unbeknownst to me, I had not removed the tack stitch from the slit (slit what slit? I also do not remember to cut the tack stitch out of blazers with the tails together) As I proceeded to climb on in I heard a loud rip/pop sound. I busted that tack stitch. I had to go back into the house to get the thread off and without removing the skirt check for damage. Not enough for me to change my entire outfit when I wanted to wear the skirt.
To get into the truck the skirt needs to be raised rather high but for one step I can handle it.

But that is why redneck truck driving women do not wear pencil skirts.


Melanie said...

Looking GOOD birthday girl! Sorry to laugh at you on your birthday, but I mean it in the best way...REALLY! Thank your for the SHINY decor! (I love that the red tag deal is a LUCKY shirt right now...LOL!)

barefootinboots said...

You can laugh...I did... it was funny. Serves me right for NEEDING to drive the truck. Wait... I still wouldn't give up "my truck" ask poor Craig.

Jess said...

hahhhahaha. That's great! What a way to start your week and your birthday!! I love the outfit, you look hot!

Kyla said...

You look awesome! Just a tip... (take it from a short girl who where's a lot of skirts), build up those arm muscles and instead of stepping up into the truck, grab the handle on the inside with the right hand, get leverage on the door with the left hand, give yourself a little boost by jumping and then PUUULLLLLL, sliding your butt right up onto the seat and bringing the feet in last. Hehe - can you tell I've had practice? Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit !