Monday, February 16, 2009

What I Wore - Valentine's Day

My husband and I decided to do a dinner in together instead of trying to beat the rushes of the big Valentine's Day melee. We decided instead to do lunch at Olive Garden and some shopping before heading to the grocery store to get the proper supplies for dinner.

After my husband got be gorgeous flowers for Valentine's Day, I decided to dress up for HIM. I am a large chested girl. My husband is a fan of that. For work and almost everything else, I cover up or minimize what I have but for dinner with my husband I let them do what they wanted to. That is my warning haha!

I pulled on my second favorite pair of jeans, my seven for all mankinds. I added a black and white shirt that I got from H&M in Indianapolis last year. I layered a white vneck tank top from JCPenney underneath the H&M top. The H&M top has a black band under the bust but to make it a Valentine's Day outfit I added a red satin tie as a belt doubled around my ribs. I wore a red American Eagle bracelet that Santa got me and a red rubber bracelet on the other arm. (I would LOVE to pile on a bunch of bangles every day and jingle away but I am sadly not able to. I can't fit bangles over my hands. Yes they are large hands.) The hat is due to a bad hair day. Every day is sort of a bad hair day for me but this was a hat day for me. I picked this hat up at Herbergers on sale one day and I wore it religiously for a couple weeks last summer. I then misplaced the hat and thought I had lost it forever in the move. A couple weeks ago during a weather change I FOUND IT. I love when you find the long lost item in a forgotten coat pocket. It is almost as good as money in the pants pocket. I closed the outfit with my aldo cowboy boots. Cute to look at but comfortable enough to walk the mall in.

Thanks to husband for being my photographer.


Kyla said...

Very cute! LOVE the red satin tie - it really adds a lot of interest to the shirt. Very flattering!

Jess said...

oooooh oooohhh, I bet Craig didn't even know you were wearing a hat! It's fun to have boobage every now and again no worries! I too enjoy the little flash of red, it adds to the shirt! Hope your week is starting off well. Gnight!

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love the black and white with the red sash. it looks great together! and thank you so much for following my blog! i'm going to add you to my blog roll! :)


Deborah-lee said...

Very cute outfit. I wish I could look as "cool" as you in a hat. Your home date sounded perfect!

Ashton said...

those jeans look great! also i love your layout.

WendyB said...